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Carpet Cleaning You Can Count on

Carpet Cleaning Doesn't Need to be a Hassle

Hot water extraction methods usually require cumbersome truck-mounted systems and hoses that can damage your walls, trim, and furnishings. Our encapsulation method and machinery is more efficient and easier to use. This allows us to be more careful and reach more difficult areas with our equipment.

Longer Lasting Clean

Encapsulation minimizes the possibility of wicking (when soils filter to the surface of the carpet) extending the optimum appearance of your carpet. This minimizes the cost to you, is more environmentally friendly, and allows you to get the most out of your clean carpets before our next visit.

Healthier for You and Your Home or Business

Our green cleaning solution has a low PH level which is great for the environment as well as being allergen free. Our advanced encapsulation method means carpets dry in an hour or less. Traditional hot water extraction uses about 20 gallons of water to clean 1,000 square feet; encapsulation uses about four or less.

Tough on Spots and Stains

Our revolutionary methods remove most spots and stains at no additional charge. We're confident enough to say, if Sundance Bioclean can't remove it, nobody can.

Carpet Cleaning
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